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Four Of Our Cannabis Best Sellers

Since opening FN Cannabis Co. on April 4th, 2020. We have had a ton of products coming in and out of our stock room.

The first question someone usually asks us is "What is the best product to buy?". Our selection is pretty big but here are four of our best cannabis products we have sold a lot of recently.

Kolab Kalifornia: We actually just started carrying this product not to long ago. People have been buying this high THC indica-dominant strain of Kalifornia that sits around 17—25%. It could be described as a dense bud with sharp lush & spicy undertones. Perfect for someone who loves a good strong indica.

TWD. Sativa : Working in the front end of our store you see this baby fly off our shelves in big quantities such as 28 grams This product sits at around 10 - 25% THC. Our customers love it and keep coming back for it often because honestly the price is a pretty awesome deal.

Honey Jack is a THC-packed Sativa-dominant cultivar, crossing Jack Herer and Early Pearl. The sweet and spicy aroma hints at flavors of savory herbs and caramel. Sitting at around a THC potency of 17-21%. When we first started getting these in they instantly started flying off the shelves and we're always happy to carry another Saskatchewan owned company!

The smell of amica,peppermint,juniper and cannabis all blended together to create this Cannabis cream containing 50/50 CBD and THC this bottle of cream has been a best seller since day one of it hitting our shelves. It's one of those item's that spread by word of mouth, one friend tells another friend who tells another friend. Personally I picked this up and I loved it!

Don't be shy to ask us about anything, chat with us, phone us, send smoke signals which ever way you choose we would love to help find something right for you. Wanted to keep this short and sweet so you all can get back to checking out our new site that just opens as of November 2020. We are glad that you stopped by check back for more awesome posts and products.

Chao Pescao (see you later alligator) ,

-Mega Karen


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